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Sunday, December 6, 2009

What was on your Thanksgiving table?

A great pleasure in my life is serving food from the garden to friends and family. On this year's Thanksgiving table were my home grown:
sweet potatoes
lettuce and arugula
Swiss chard and kale
Tomatoes-fresh (still ripening up) and dried-in the salad
Pumpkin-in pie, bread
Herbs (bay, basil, sage, chives)
Raspberries (frozen) in pie
Figs - in pumpkin bread
Pickled beets, pickles

We had too much food, so I have not yet made the Paw Paw cream pie (wild-gathered by a kind friend, not home grown). I will save that experiment for the Christmas holiday!

I did not have enough white potatoes, apples, or peaches to make deserts, so will have to plan accordingly next year!
Happy gardening!


Anita said...

Sounds so tasty and fresh. I'm sure it was enjoyed by all.

What is paw paw pie?

Judy Thomas said...

Paw paws are the largest fruit native to North America. The grow wild along river banks and the James is full of them. My friend Vicky gathered some for me to make a pie. Paw paws (or pa paws) are oval, the size of a small mango, with green skin, yellow flesh and large brown seeds. They are ripe when they fall from the tree. They are commonly called "banana custard" or "poor man's banana" because of their banana-like taste. They are used mostly in cream pies, because heat damages the flavor, but have been made into breads and puddings too.
More than you wanted to know, eh?