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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wisteria pruning update

As I posted last fall, I had my son prune my American wisteria (time for a tangent: Wisteria was named for Caspar Wistar, but a spelling error doomed it to be wisteria forever. Or as long as these names last. I tend to call it "wistaria" when I am feeling cranky). Last spring, we had few blooms and the photo above shows the results of the pruning- it is spectacular this year! Tons of very fragrant blooms! A little garden knowledge can pay off big benefits!
(We are on spring break in the Thomas household, so my usually longer blog entry will be later in the week of April 12th). (Oh and a lagniappe- a little extra in Cajun- our apple tree in bloom, which also responded well to winter pruning!)
Happy gardening!

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deejbrown said...

I love the generous plumes of wAsteria. Interesting that they push out more after having been pruned. Wonder what it means for humankind....