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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Happy Serendipity

I impulsively purchased this pink, daisy-flowered mum a few years ago at Sneed's Nursery in Richmond, VA. I did not need a mum, nor did I have a spot for it (I have a rule I try not to break- don't buy a plant until a place has been prepared for it). But it was pretty and on sale. I planted it in an area that gets only dappled sunlight, despite the full sun label, because it was the only spot I had. The plant has thrived and spread and makes gorgeous, long-lasting cut flowers.

I would not recommend placing a plant in an area that the label suggests is not best for its growth, but I will occasionally take a risk, if it is a low-cost one. Plant labels give incomplete information at best, as this one did. And I got lucky!

Happy gardening!

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