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Friday, February 11, 2011

Forcing flowering branches

From Andre Viette, a method to force branches of flowering trees and shrubs indoors (quince, peach, apple, forsythia, apple, etc)(I've done this with peach and it works!)(above photo: Moonglow pear, it can be forced indoors!)

Warm Method:
  1. Bring the cut branches inside and place them in tall containers filled with warm water (90-110ºF).
  2. Place a tent of plastic over the branches and the containers and set them in a dimly lit, warm room for 24 hours. The warmth and humidity will encourage the scales covering the flower buds to expand and activate dormant buds.
  3. Re-cut the ends of the branches at an angle and arrange them in vases filled with fresh water.
  4. Remember to check the water levels often and top them off if needed.
Happy Gardening! Winter is half over and spring is coming!

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