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"And 'tis my faith that every flower enjoys the air it breathes." - William Wordsworth, 1798

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Clary Sage

Sometimes I cannot help myself and buy a plant on impulse (Do I have a place for it? Not really. Does it fit in with a color or landscaping scheme? Nope). I like salvias (sages) and in the spring of 2010 I bought a perennial, clary sage. The first year it did not do much, gathering strength, perhaps, and coping with transplanting. This year, the plant sent up three stalks, with beautiful, pebble-textured leaves and pointed, nodding flower buds. The first bud has swelled, turned into an upright flower stalk- this photo does not do it justice! It is large and striking. So far, a no fuss plant, needing nothing but occasional water.
Happy gardening!
PS a note on "I like..." I am reminded of a college friend who, whenever a song played, shouted "This is my favorite song!" I am like that with plants....sorry!

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