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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedesday Lagniappe*: A Heck of a Peck of Peppers

Every garden season is different and different plants do well each season.  Last year was "eggplant palooza" and I harvested tons of eggplant.  This year, my peppers are going crazy, and I usually have only fair to middlin' luck with them.  I planted and potted anchos, bells and pimentos and am being reward with lots of them!  I find the easiest thing to do with peppers to preserve them is to wash, de-seed, slice and freeze them on a cookie sheet.  I put them in a one-gallon, resealable plastic bag.  Over the winter, I simply pull out what I need to pop the rest back into the freezer.  This is good for fleshy, thick-walled sweet peppers. I intend to treat my anchos differently, to roast them whole and freeze them.  When I grow other chilies, I string them together in a ristra (bundle) and hang them to dry in a dark closet.

Happy gardening!

* "Lagniappe:"  Cajun for something extra


Victoria said...

I've wanted to try drying peppers and herbs, but I thought it was just too humid in Central VA for that kind of thing. Do you put a dehumidifier in the room you hang your peppers in, or are they okay by themselves?

Judy Thomas said...

I hang chilies (not fleshy-walled peppers like bells) in the room with my hot water heater, which stays dry. An airy, well-ventilated room should work, maybe with a fan running, as would a dehydrator (which I have found to be a good investment for a gardener). A dehydrator would work for any kind of pepper.

Anita said...

Mom didn't have peppers this summer; maybe next. And I will certainly get my share and follow your freezing process.

Great picture - colorful and appetite provoking. :)