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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas To Me?

I have been looking for a sturdy plant shelf.  I read a bunch of negative reviews of shelves specifically sold for plants:that they were poorly manufactured, had bolts holes that don't line up, and were crooked, shoddy, not sturdy... So I ordered this semi-industrial chrome wire shelving and I am happy with it so far (I am not into home decor at all).  [  http://www.theshelvingstore.com/4_Shelf_Chrome_Wire_Units_s/446.htm   ]  My son assembled it in less than an hour (after we looked up the instructions on line).  I know, it looks like we should stack grocery store items on it, but once it is covered in plants (an excuse to buy more plants if ever I saw one!) and I have philodendron and pothos vines growing up and around it, it should look OK.  And, did I tell you I can now get more house plants?????
Happy Holidays!  Happy Christmas!  Happy Gardening!  See you in 2013!
[By the way, I am never paid for a product recommendation, this is a commercial-free blog!]

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