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Monday, March 3, 2014

Field Trip Report: Philly Flower Show

I just got back from a quick trip to Philly for my first visit to the flower show. I had been to
smaller shows before, but this was huge! Held in the convention center, the show had
so many displays it is hard to describe. There were organic and "green" gardening
displays, full gardens and, of course, many vendors. This year's theme was Articukture,
the blending of art and horticulture. There were floral arrangements and displays
depicting works of art. I saw beautiful Ikebana, bonsai, terrariums and plants entered
into competition. There was artwork made from dried flowers and, of course, botanical
illustrations. Many of the displays were very clever and creative, for example, a sushi
bar with all the "ingredients" made of flowers and plant parts and a saguaro cactus
made of succulents! Some scenes from the show are below.

Top left, clockwise: Ikebana, desert plants, hanging floral screen, floral arrangement
interpreting art, "sushi" bar.

Clockwise from top left: creative display, mini-landscape of flowers and plant parts,
100-year old bonsai, Hudson Valley Seed Library original seed pack art, and large,
hanging, floral spheres.

Clockwise from top left: an interpretation of Christo's "The Gates" art installation in
Central Park, Wardian cases, true Philly art: a brick wall covered in a Philly tile and
mirror mural, complete with car tire ornamental planters and graffiti, an amazing and
subtle display of dried grasses and seed heads, a cactus made of succulents.

If you can get to this show, go! This weekend was crowded, so, if you can, try a weekday visit!


Merryone6 said...

Beautiful , creative displays.

Judy Thomas said...

It was a lovely show. If you can't go this year, try next year!

Anita said...

Such TALENT on display! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it. Sounds like you may go back next year.