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Monday, June 30, 2014

Must Protect The Pond!

We are having some work done on our house.  Right by my precious pond. So, time to protect it!  In the past, after work was done, I found things in it that likely did not blow or fall in (e.g. cigarette butts), so this time I want, at least, the visual signal of "no trespass" or "leave it alone!"  It will look ugly for a couple of weeks, but, it will hopefully protect the plants, water and stone walls.

Happy gardening!

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Anonymous said...

Sadly many construction workers still smoke cigarettes on the job and seem to be oblivious to where they discard their 'butts.' I've asked workers at my house not to discard them in the trash, and most try to remember to do so (a couple filled their pockets -- yikes). But for many it's an automatic habit, and water sources, of course, are seen as 'safe' targets. Good you put up a visual reminder!