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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Plants as Sculpture

As you might know, I am a gardener and botanical artist.  We recently visited family in New Jersey and the state has some amazing places!  One such place is Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton Square:  http://www.groundsforsculpture.org

It is a wonderful place, with various garden rooms and passages, all leading to sculptural surprises!  Well, a sculpture garden, to truly succeed, must place some emphasis on the sculptural contributions of its plantings/
landscaping.  Here are a few examples (in addition to the use of bamboo, of which I did not take photos):

Tree Passage or alee leading from one garden room to another:

Wisteria tunnel:

Canopied tree:

This last is a poor photo, but the weeping blue spruce is a part of the sculpture 
with its blue patina:

...and one last: a tall reed or grass, being used as a visual stand-in for corn:

There are many more examples, including lotus pools and other botanical companions!
Go visit!
Happy gardening!

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