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Friday, March 5, 2010

Get Out and Dig

I thought of two possible captions for the photo above: "a picture only a gardener could love" or "love me, love my dirt!" (and it is beautiful soil!) We have a main vegetable garden and two newer garden areas, called the Oscar bed and the Barkley bed, named for the dogs that reside on either side of us (and the Barkley bed now has the Zoe extension, after Barkley's sister). I was in the Oscar bed today digging and weeding and the photo is one result. The snow is gone, the ground is finally dry enough to dig , but not too dry to impede pulling weeds, and the weekend weather should warm up to a delightful mid- to upper-50's in the Mid-Atlantic region this weekend- the perfect time to dig and get ready for those early season crops, seeds of which you can begin planting now! These include lettuces, arugula, chard, kale, beets, radishes, and peas. So hop to it! The winter doldrums are ending, and we all need to get more active (if only to shed those extra Christmas cookie pounds)!
Happy gardening! The season is here! As my friend Jim says "Boy howdy!"


Merryone said...

Yes -- spring is almost here -- the dirt looks wonderful - the composting has paid off.

So dig, dig, dig away-- fun stuff.

Anita said...

Not a gardener, but somehow I still have an appreciation for that dirt. :)
I'll be waiting to see what it produces.

Judy Thomas said...

You have to be a special person to appreciate dirt!