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Monday, March 8, 2010

Row Tunnel: Brief Update

The two photos above illustrate the success of an inexpensive row tunnel, an under $20, 18 foot long and 2 foot wide tunnel of plastic sheeting on metal hoops. Despite the colder than usual winter and heavier than average snowfall, the greens (and "purples") were protected. We have plenty of organic, early-March lettuce, arugula and baby kale. See how you can extend a season by starting it early???
Happy Gardening!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous-looking salad! Shows that March need not be the meanest month for veggie-eaters. What you have there looks so much more appetizing than anything that's available commercially -- and all for some cheap supplies, seed, and sweat equity! Who needs tomatoes?

Judy Thomas said...

Well, I need tomatoes....but I love my greens! Today I planted broccoli, kale, chard and did lots of weeding!
Happy spring! Almost here!