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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So, am I crazy????

OK, maybe this container gardening thing has gotten out of hand (and these pix aren't half of them). But I always have a rationale (or rationalization). Peppers seem to do best for me in pots. I had too many seed potatoes (yes, those are potatoes in pots, top photo). Some are non-hardy in my zone. Herbs are right at the back door when they are in pots. Some things look pretty in pots. I can control the soil better. I like pots?
Happy gardening!


Anonymous said...

I love the Pots! All of this rain is wonderful for the garden -- but I am ready for the sun!! Now I am so inspired that I will get pepper plants going. Thank you!

Judy Thomas said...

Remember, pots are great, but they do need some TLC. Make sure you have good soil (mix in some compost if you can), good drainage (a hew handfuls of pebbles or packing peanuts in the bottom is good) and water (I put some mulch on the top of pots) and fertilze regularly (I like fish emulsion, though it is smelly, or liquid kelp to feed by spraying on the leaves).
Happy gardening1 Stay inspired!

Anita said...

Lots of pots...why not! :)