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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Evergreen Dogwood

Mid- to late June and a dogwood is still flowering in central, piedmont Virginia? I really like dogwoods (though, full disclosure, I seldom meet a plant I do not like). I also like the idea of having an extended bloom time of dogwoods and was lucky to receive as a gift this evergreen dogwood, Cornus capitata. This is not a native dogwood, which bloom here in April to May, but is an Asian import. The 4- and sometimes 6-petaled flowers have pointed ends like all Asian dogwoods that I know of and are resistant to anthracnose, a scourge of the native varieties. They are also more resistant to native bugs (though this has a down side- poor native bugs don't get to feed on yet another plant). It is "evergreen", that is the leaves do persist, though this is not its finest feature- the leaves look a bit ratty as the winter progresses and do fall off in spring. This tree takes very little care, and I did nothing special when I planted it (other than cross my fingers!) It is nice to have a pretty dogwood bloom later in the spring and I recommend it!
Happy gardening!

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