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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finishing the pond landscaping

As you may know, I was given a water garden for my 50th birthday (though I dithered about installing it until after my 51st!). I was happy with the pond itself, but disappointed that the company that installed it left it essentially unfinished at the back and one side. I got no satisfaction from them (except an 'offer' for me to pay another $1000 to finish it) so I decided to do this myself. For my last birthday, I got a pallet of matching landscape rocks ($360 on sale + $45 delivery) and read up on installing a dry set rock wall. I only needed a low one (they cannot be too tall or are subject to toppling). I built the wall you see above. The first step was to lay the line I wanted the wall to go- you can use a string or a hose to make the curve. This step is especially important if you are building a wall in a straight line, which I was not doing. Then, remove the grass and roots at the edge, making sure to not dig far into the soil (you want the subsoil as undisturbed as possible, or your wall may settle). You also want to level this area lengthwise, but allow it to tip inward slightly, so the rocks will lean back a little onto the bed itself, not outwards. Then it becomes a big puzzle- putting flat, heavy rocks on the bottom, overlapping rocks as you go, wedging smaller rocks in to stop wobbling, and finding the most pleasing arrangement of the rocks you have. It was a lot of fun, not too difficult, as as the plants grow in, it will look lovely!
Happy gardening!

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Kenzie Rowan said...

That looks so good! Thanks for your recommendation.

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