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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ichi Ki Kei Jiro Persimmon

About 4 or 5 years ago, I bought this dwarf Asian persimmon, Ichi Ki Kei Jiro, from Edible Landscaping in Afton VA http://ediblelandscaping.com/ , a truly great nursery with interesting plants.  This persimmon grows to about 8 feet tall, needing about 10 feet around it to in a circle.  Asian persimmons are "non-astringent." If you have ever eaten an unripe American persimmon (that is, just about any time before it falls to the ground), you know the awful "mouth feel" this gives you: you mouth feels puckery and sticky or tacky, very unpleasant.  It takes awhile to get this sensation out of your mouth.  Asian persimmons do not have this quality.  This variety is ready to eat when it is deep orange in color, but is still firm. I harvested the first one last week (there are a dozen on the tree).  I peeled it and found a lovely, cantaloupe-colored, seedless flesh.  It was crisp, like an apple, and a perfect sweetness-not overly sugary or cloying, but very pleasant.  It is my new favorite, and is an easy-to-grow tree.  I have had no trouble with this tree at all, a few minor pests that might chew a leaf hole here or there, but that is about it.  I can imagine eating all them sliced like an apple and think they would be delightful in salads, maybe with some sharp cheese. I really recommend it!
Happy Gardening!

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Anita said...

I'm curious about your readership. I hope it's increasing. Good gardening/harvesting info, as always.