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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Lagniappe: Mystery Plant

My husband says that I am a "punk botanical illustrator" in that I like to draw weedy, spiky, weird, twisted, mean and poisonous plants from disturbed, waste areas (roadsides, ditches, RR tracks, and post-industrial sites.  Boy what fun we have on hikes!).  In honor of that lovely accolade, anyone want to guess what plants this is?  May the best gardener or naturalist win! Hint: this is a great plant to represent Halloween!

Happy gardening!

UPDATE: This plant is a datura, also known as Jamestown Weed, Jimsonweed or cow sick. It is a poisonous plant, producing hallucinations before death.  Ranchers have to watch out for it to prevent their animals from feeding on it, hence the name "cow sick."  Georgia O'Keeffee famously painted it.

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