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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Lagniappe: Loove Them Worms!

The NYT, my go-to paper, has another great article for gardeners...this time on worms.  I have had a vermicomposter (the round, stacking kind or worm composting bin) for a few years and I use it for the wonderful "worm water" fertilizer that drains off.  Some people  keep (smaller) vermicomposters inside their house, but I have not tried this. Mine is in my unheated garage. The worms do well during the winter. In the summer, on very hot days, I put some cold water or ice cubes on the top to cool them down- heat is the only thing that has caused them to die off.


OK, my composter is not neat and tidy (see photo above) but it does the trick!

Happy Winter Gardening!


Anthony said...

ahh it looks neat and tidy enough ;) How long have you had that composter?

Judy Thomas said...

Hi Anthony, I have had it about 5 years. Going to give it a try?

Anita said...

When I first looked at it, my over-50 eyes thought it was the stretched out skin of an animal. LOL

Thank goodness for the ability to enlarge images. :)

Judy Thomas said...

Burlap to keep it damp....