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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Lagniappe: Rocks in the....

I have a very occasional peice "Love it or Hate it?" but I thought the answer was obvious here.  People living somehwere nearish to me have removed the few perennials they had (mostly daylilies) and replaced them with...rocks (and this photo only shows a portion of the total rocked area).  They used the kind of rock you use for drainage or for a driveway.  Gray, chunks of...rock.  I understand why businesses (and apparently some homeowners) do this, thinking it is a permanent mulch, and will not need to be replaced.  I'm guessing weeds will still come up, unless they sterilized the soil bed, applied a landscape fabric and no weed seeds fall on the area.  But even then.  This is really one of the more unattractive landscapes I have seen.  That, and the hedges these folks cut into balls.  I would rather waist high weeds.

Happy gardening!

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