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Friday, January 3, 2014

OK, really...A Tale of Four Gardens!

OK, on our recent trip to Florida,we went to four gardens (five, if you count the lovely garden at the butterfly aviary), not two.  So here is a "field trip" report on garden number three:
This garden, obviously located at the art museum in Ormond Beach, Fl., is a small garden amidst a commercial area of small and moderately-sized shops on a busy road.  It provides a nice respite from the noise and bustle of the street.  At the entrance is a pretty waterfall (man made waterfalls and water features seem to abound in flat Florida). 
 The garden hosts semi- tropical flowers, the ubitiquous palmetto and palms and a huge Bird-of-Paradise against the museum building:
The paths are shady and cool.  There are benches and a gazebo, both would be nice places to kick back and read.
The garden had a few seasonal decorations and my favorite was: 

I'll call him Smiley!
Happy gardening!

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