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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

[Photo: giant teasel at James River State Park, Gladstone, VA, on 12/30/09].
Last January, 2009, I wrote a "Gardener's Resolutions" entry, stating I did not make resolutions, but made some anyway...here they are and here is my progress update....and why I won't be making any more resolutions this year!
1. Garden at least as much as last year. Accomplished! I think I spent more time in the garden! Of course, I am getting slower as I get older, so....
2. Plant some new greens. No, but planted a lot of greens. My family rebelled.
3. Continue my New Year’s Day tradition of going though all my seed catalogs and making my seed orders for the next year. Did that last year and will do it again today!
4. Suck it up and tear out a few beds that aren’t working. Tore out two, one remains.
5. Write the check to get the water garden installed. Nope, no progress at all.
6. Really prune those fruit trees. Did not get to it last year. We started pruning the fruit trees last week and have it scheduled for this weekend, so there is hope for this season!!!!
7. MUST SPRAY DORMANT OIL on the fruit trees! I always forget! I did not get to it last year....again. But will get to it soon for this season??????
8. Maximize the use of my new cold frame. DONE!
Happy gardening!

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Anita said...

Sounds like a definite grade of B for you last year!