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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Robin flock

An elderly friend from Indiana, who was like a mother to me, and I had a friendly competition regarding who would see the first robin of the year. Of course, I began to win once I moved to Virginia! She passed away over a year ago, and her family saw their first robin of the year at her headstone that following spring. I have been seeing a few stray robins around the neighborhood, but, as I write this, there is a flock of robins in my back yard! That's the sign I have been waiting for to signal the days are getting longer and spring is coming! I cannot tell my dear friend, but I can tell you!
Happy gardening!


Anita said...

That's a very nice way to remember your friend.
Now I'll be looking to see my first robin of the year. :)

Judy Thomas said...

Let me know when you see it!