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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter garden blues

OK, this is not my typical post, i.e., it is not an attempt to provide useful garden information. It is, however, a post relating to what I do when I cannot garden and that is work, chores, cooking and crafts. Above is a photo of my newest installment of an all-wool, needle-felted doll, my "garden doll," and her trusty companion dog, yet unnamed. See the basket of garden vegetables on her arm? I can't get into the garden, but I can still create! (Hope this isn't too cutesy!)(OK, it is, but...)
Happy limited winter gardening and alternative activities! We're going to warm up soon!
and...Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Clever Craft. I have never seen one like it!!

I am so ready for getting outdoors without a hat, coat and gloves!!

Bring on spring.

Mary Ann Ryan said...

I am ready to begin an indoor project. It may be refinishing a table-- with good ventilitation.

Knot Garden said...

Love the doggie, I've never tried needlefelting but it looks very clever! Lets hope for some springlike gardening weather in the not too distant future.

Judy Thomas said...

It is a fun and addictive craft. It is a pleasure to work with natural fibers and learn about different types of wool.

Anita said...

How long did it take to make the two of them?
Oh...and you may surprise us with any of your other talents whenever you'd like. :)

Judy Thomas said...

The dog was the more challenging of the two- it is harder to make smaller things, plus I had made several of the dolls, so knew how they were done. The dog took two or two and a half hours, the doll and hour and a half (this is a guess- I get absorbed in making them and lose track of time). No needle felting today- it is supposed to be near 58! Out the the garden for more pruning!