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"And 'tis my faith that every flower enjoys the air it breathes." - William Wordsworth, 1798

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Extra" Lagniappe (or is that redundant?)

I took a cutting of this purple passiflora from a large vine growing near RR tracks near my house. It had a bud on it, which I did not expect to open, but bloom it did, exuding a lovely, sweet fragrance.  I will plant it near a green-tinged one I have. Passifloras are easy to root, just take a cutting, put it in water in a sunny window.  They can be a bit pushy in the garden, but are not too hard to control.
Happy gardening!


Kathleen Moore said...

So that's what this flower is. It's on a vine growing outside one of our Care Centers. I was so struck by this big beauty that I now have it as a screen saver. Now to learn how to pronounce it!

Judy Thomas said...

Kathleen, look it up on Wikipedia to learn the full story, but Spanish priests coming to the Americas thought the flower parts and leaves represented the Passion of Christ. Interesting symbolism. It is easy to grow, can be invasive, but also pretty easy to keep in check. And the blossoms are fascinating!