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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Lagniappe*: Gardeners' Glossary**

Today, a word that is one my favorite gardening terms:
Allelopathy:  is the reason you cannot grow some plants under walnut trees.  Allelopathic plants are those that secrete a chemical compound that inhibits the growth of another plant.  In walnuts, this substance is juglone.  However, some plants are allelopathy-resistant or unaffected.  It is recognized that these plants can grow under a walnut just fine:  blackberries, grapes, mints, forsythia, ferns, marigolds and most native hardwoods! Eucalyptus, alianthus ("tree of heaven"), garlic mustard, rice, fragrant sumac, and hackberry are other plants with allelopathic properties.

* Lagniappe:  Cajun for "a little something extra."
**My favorite gardening terms

Happy gardening!

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