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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Lagniappe*: Flutterby

[Photo taken by Scott Vrana: Visit his photos at http://500px.com/ScottVrana  ]

The only reason I will let a few of the spreading Physostegia virginiana, or obedient plants, stay in my yard is because they attract butterflies.  If you have this plant, you know it spread by runners and will pop up several feet away from an existing plant.  Otherwise, it is pretty easy to pull to control, but you will need to do this, unless all you want is a garden full of obedient plant! (The name comes from the habit of the flower to stay in position when you bend or twist it).

Enjoy the butterflies as they flutter by!

*Lagniappe: Cajun for "something extra."

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Samantha at Pollinator Plates said...

Oh no! Haha, I just added this plant to my yard this year, and had the impression it spread as a clump rather than by runners. We have a concrete patio with several cut-outs (for plants) and I added it to one of the cut-outs, so hopefully that will keep it somewhat contained! I added it for the butterflies, too- a great native nectar source (with asters) this time of year! :)