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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Lovely Tradescantia

"White Trasdescantia" photo courtesy of Scott Vrana:

     A spring and early summer bloomer, tradescantia, named for the British botanical explorer, John Tradescant, is one of my favorite flowers.  The common name of this native, North American (and  South American) flower is spiderwort, for its long, spidery foliage (wort simply means plant in Middle English). It is a strong bloomer, with interesting shades and crosses of white, lavender, blue, purples and pinks.  It is carefree and little harms it in my Virginia garden.  The only disadvantage is that it fades as the hot weather arrives, but comes back strong the following spring.  This is a plant to place in a mixed boarder, where other, later summer bloomers will cover up the fading plants.

A lovely, hot pink tradescantia, photo courtesy of Scott Vrana:

...and the blue-purple with lime-green leaves,  photo courtesy of Scott Vrana:

Lovely photos!  Thanks Scott!  Visit his 500 Pix page for more lovely photos!
Happy gardening!

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