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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday :Lagniappe: The Washing of the Garden Gloves

     We do a thorough cleaning of our garage every spring, after the overwintering plants in pots have been carried outdoors.  Good thing, it is usually awash in soil, gravel, dead leaves, stakes, fencing and trellising, watering cans, hoses, other garden paraphernalia brought in from the outdoors and garden critters taking advantage of the disorder (this year we found two shed snake skins).  And most years, I collect and wash my garden gloves.  I seem to have amassed quite a collection!
Happy gardening!


Anonymous said...

Do you have any advice for a new gardener growing an outdoor herb garden? I live in zone 7 and have just planted rosemary,lavender, german thyme, and basil.

Judy Thomas said...

Yes, I do. Herbs, especially perennial ones like rosemary, thyme and lavender require good drainage, but do not like to be fertilized. In zone 7, they need good air circulation, so as not to develop fungal infections (so do not crowd them). Rosemary can grow into a small bush (mine is 3.5 feet tall and as wide or wider) , so plan accordingly. None grow well in deep shade, they need some sun (though afternoon shade is ok). Basil needs bright sun, cut it back regularly to get fresh green leaves. I buy several packets of basil each season and sow it every few weeks during the summer, so I get fresh leaves all season ( the flavor changes as the plant gets woody). Also try oregano ( not Mexican oregano) and sage, both are easy to grow in my zone 7 garden, as are chives! Have fun!

Anita said...

Your variously colored gloves with all their fingers, and the clothesline and clothespins, make a nice piece of art. :)

Good for you in getting that garage cleaned; snake skins and all!

Judy Thomas said...

I should draw it!